Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Veterans MC Ohio State Chapter. Membership is not complicated, but there is a vetting process for all candidates. There are guest, hangaround, and prospect phases before being considered for full membership. The first phases are to allow us to get to know each other. You must be invited to a club meeting where you will be expected to introduce yourself to the members. We will be interested in who you are, your branch of service, what you did in the military, your current occupation, riding experience, etc., and why you are interested in joining our MC. If you like us and we like you, you will eventually be asked if you wish to become a prospect.

The minimum requirements to be considered for the prospect phase include:

1. Qualified veteran of the U.S. military as shown on your DD214 or equivalent
2. 750cc or larger motorcycle
3. Current motorcycle endorsement
4. Current motorcycle insurance

Please complete the below form and a member will contact you.

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